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Just Some Thoughts

Happy New Year you. Yes you, I’m wishing you the happiest new year imaginable.

I have to believe there are other Bridies out there. This Bridie is as anxious as she is excited about the new year. There’s an air of goal setting all around and I don’t fancy putting too much pressure on myself. My goal isn’t to plan meals or lose weight. I just want to be content and happy with living in the moment.

Anybody else feel like that? Of course! We’re only human after all.

I learnt a lot about myself last month. I had to be strong and determined when I really didn’t feel it. Along the way I’ve gathered some thoughts for the year ahead...

  1. Write in a journal. I find solace in writing and that’s what I’ll do. It won’t be like Blair Waldorf’s diary, just a paper space to fill with my thoughts.

  2. Antiquing and homeware. I’m so inspired by beautiful spaces. It isn’t about buying everything, it’s just a love of interiors. Must go back to Brighton.

  3. Italy. Amalfi is calling me. The most beautiful place I can remember.

  4. Reading and podcasts. I don’t want to be attached to my phone (unless I’m listening to a podcast) I want to live a little simpler. And books are simply perfect for someone like me.

  5. Yoga. I think that’s a bit of me too.

  6. Decluttering. I’d like to slowly but surely declutter my life. I absolutely feel like Bridget Jones right now. I’ll try to just buy statement pieces for my wardrobe, that sorta thing. No more of those wild shopping sprees in Zara for anything pleated or ruffly.

  7. Listen to more Lana Del Rey again. Flipping love her.

  8. Love. Let’s all just live with a little more love. That would be better for everyone.

It might seem like I’ve just listed goals, something I said I didn’t want to do. But there’s no pressure. Like I say, it’s just some thoughts I’ve gathered…

Now the main one. The one which kind of glows when I think of it. Bridie’s Cakes. So many ideas and I can’t wait to nurture them, create them and believe in them. I promise to try and inspire you as often as I can, even if it is with cake.

And now a quote to light up the creativity inside of you…

‘Beautiful things are vanishing each day. There has never been a more crucial time to believe in your creativity and your gifts. Trust me when I say that art creates hope, it connects, it heals. So please - write the damn book. Paint the picture. Take the trip. Stay inspired, stay hungry. Put your work into the world, and use your voice, because we need it now more than ever before.’

- Bianca Sparacino

Is that not so lovely?

Bridie x

P.s. Let me know if there’s any specific videos, tutorials or blog posts you’d like to see!

I love my desk, I often change it around...

This is my new journal. It has boobs on it. It's from Urban Outfitters in case you like boobs too and think it's the journal for you.

We had a little Bridie's Cakes Christmas party.

And it was lovely.

I made my mum employee of the year because she really is my rock. Happy New Year to this special lady!

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