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The One With The Pinky Promise

It’s meaning is subtle yet serious. It’s the ultimate “trust me” gesture. And even though I’m not ten years old anymore, my pinky promises will always be ones to count on.

And I think it’s sweet anyway. The world we live in today is more social media, less actual social cute things, like a little pinky promise here and there.

Ever feel like our phones and our laptops, instagram and our lack of pinky promising is kinda sad? Like I just want to be so happy and it’s a whole lot easier for happiness to get a little cloudy these days.

So, the solution? Treasure the things and the people and the food and the places that make you truly, utterly, sweep you off your feet, happy. Because when we’re older and our hair turns grey, we won’t remember that photo we uploaded and the filter we used, only the special moment we were in when we took it.

In a way, social media is a blessing. Every square shaped snap and moment we capture is there, documented, in a pretty tidy, chronologically ordered kind of way. And I’ve always imagined how handy that will be when I fancy a trip down memory lane. But I’d still choose a thousand more pinky promises over a thousand more likes on a photo. Some things are just precious like that.

And it would seem I’ve got my blogging mojo back. Thank Lordy. I’m sitting here (in my new IKEA chair) thinking about all the things which make me happy. And aside from the magical people on that list, a lot of the things I love … happen to be pink.

And so many of my favourite cakes have been pink too. I’m not a bright pink kinda gal ... blush pink all day long.

It’s been the busiest and most stressful few weeks I’ve had in a while and I just haven’t been able to take many step by step photos. So instead I’ve collected a few of my favourite pinky coloured things and photos which will hopefully inspire a little happiness in you.

I’ll be back again soon … I pinky promise.

Bridie x

Cake stress led to my new found love ... home decor and my Blair Waldorf inspired desk.

Is it just me or do these pink carnations look a little bit like peonies?

My blush pink hideaway.

These are a few of my favourite pink things...

Slippers: Peter Alexander - Pom Pom Hair Clips: Primark - Flowers: Sainsbury's - "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" Sign: Next - Pink Lemonade: M&S - Bralette: Victoria's Secret - Pink Lip Gloss: Dior - Sunglasses: Primark - Plate: Cath Kidston - Pen: Swarovski - Make Up Bag: Boux Avenue

My new blogging spot.

Pink clouds.

And pink underwear.

And pink petals.

And pink cakes.

Pink everything.

I just hope my cheeks stay as pink and warm and rosey as they are in this photo, because that's happiness right there if ever I saw it!

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