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4K No Way!

I’m just perched on the edge of my chair tapping away at these keys, thinking about all 4000 of you lovelies. To have this many followers over on insta is just nuts! Like really good ferrero rochers all lined up and wrapped in a bow, nuts. Basically, it’s lovely.

I’m air pinky promising all of you cake minded peeps, that I’ll carry on providing my trusty stream of cake loveliness.

The kitchen’s warm, the sun is sneaking through those blinds and I might be drooling ever so slightly over the 24 freshly baked cupcakes sitting nearby. Don’t worry, it’s not real drool, it’s more like an air of temptation I carry around with me when there’s warm, sweet smelling things nearby.

And anyway, I wanted to celebrate. The one thing I hope to do through instagram is share square moments of my cake filled life with you. And as more people follow me, the luckier I feel to have this virtual platform to inspire you with some Bridie’s Cakes.

Time to celebrate, cake style. And so today’s cupcakes will be topped with prosecco gummy bears, swimming in caramel. I was in Lakeland recently and saw these prosecco flavoured treats and thought, there’s gotta be someone somewhere that appreciates these as much as me…

I’m swirling some rainbow coloured buttercream. And will pipe some of this onto each cupcake. Then I’m going to pour a little pool of caramel into the center of each one and this is where the bears will dive in. All in all, they’re the perfect ‘Let’s celebrate 4K and actual sunshine outside’ cupcakes.

I have some leftover candy floss which will also play it’s part. Add your candy floss to a cake at the very last possible moment. It will absorb all the moisture and wilt. And not look as fluffy. So adorn cakes with fluffy stuff just before serving.

My last few cupcakes will be topped with mini marshmallows, hiding their strawberry jam centers. Honestly, these cupcakes are baking bliss. And as I’ve made them in celebration of reaching 4000 followers, I’d like to give them away to one of you! Please hop over to instagram to read all about how you can win a box of 24 pretties...

and have a really happy day!

Bridie x

Thank you Lakeland for these gorgeous gummies.

A few piped with strawberry jam!

Pastel shades are timeless...

and so is rainbow buttercream.

These gummies are sitting on salted caramel ... yes please!

I buy these candy stripe straws in Hobby Craft.

And these gorgeous cupcake cases are from Steamer Trading Cook Shop...


There's still time ... go and be nosey on IG...


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