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The One With The Indoor Picnic

Hey June, why won’t you stop crying? We’re all here just wishing your days get brighter. And what’s with the thunder? The constant tears are just about enough!

Anyway, Saturday I decided it was sunny enough to have a little picnic. I strolled into town, popped into Sainsbury’s and M&S, only to be greeted by actual black clouds on my speedy stroll home. Needless to say, the picnic wasn’t going to happen … outside.

I love the word cosy, don’t you? That’s what this indoor picnic became … cosy and cute and filled with comfort. I have to admit, I was trying to capture some of that magic in the little girls’ den in the film, The Holiday. Hopefully someone reading this knows what I’m talking about!

These days I just love looking at furniture and homeware bits and bobs. Which is good. Because I have enough clothes (Oh I hope they didn’t hear me!) I collected my softest throws and my spongiest cushions and made a very pretty den. Making a fabric den with fairy lights and all is the best way to feel like a little person again … you must try it!

Now, I know the way to my man’s heart. It starts with cheese, it ends with crackers. And I just adore the whole cheese, cracker, parma ham and chutney combo myself, so that was, shall we say, the focus of our picnic. Cheese.

Then I prepared some fruit and popcorn chicken. Ferrero Rochers decided to join us too. But the best bit, was my homemade chocolate smoothies. The recipe is:

  1. 2 generous scoops of belgian chocolate Haagen Dazs

  2. 1 tbs of cocoa powder

  3. A whole lot of milk (enough that it goes creamy, not so much that it won’t stay thick)

  4. Just a few chocolate chips

Double this for two chocolatey shakes and top them with doughnuts and sprinkles and whatever takes your sweet tooth’s fancy.

We watched Friends, because … well obviously. All in all, this fairy lit picnic made me all warm inside and full to the brim. There’s photos below, showing where I’ve bought my favourite bits from.

And there’s some cake photos too. I had the pleasure of making a couple of truly summery cakes this week.

Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a merry little picnic soon!

Bridie x

Most of these cushions are from Next and my pom pom throw is from M&S. That cute flowery light is from Next too.

These gold cuties are from Sainsbury's ... totally cheap and cheerful! Especially filled with my favourite Yankee tea lights.

And here is the smoothie ... isn't she lovely?

*Only Pjs Allowed* and pom pom slippers of course ... thank you Next.

Giant pretzels are so much better than small ones. Pretty napkins right there are from M&S and that sweet cheese tray is from Cath Kidston.

Baby's breath flower, my favourite, especially at £2 a bunch!

This cake was dreamy.

And I loved the little ice creams on this one.

All in all, a very happy indoor picnic!

And look ... I found a photo of the den in 'The Holiday' I was talking about!


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