So Flavourful...

I ensure that every cake I make looks beautiful and tastes scrumptious. Made with fine, fresh ingredients and plenty of love, there's sure to be a flavour that takes your fancy. 



Classic Victoria 


Rich Chocolate Cake  

Peanut Buttery 

Salted Caramel 

Vanillary Strawberry 

A lotta fresh lemon and a little bit of sugar, this lemon cake is smothered in creamy, lemon buttercream. 



A light sponge filled with sweet, raspberry jam and plenty vanilla buttercream. 



A fluffy vanilla cake oozing ever so slightly salted caramel, chocolate, coated in vanilla buttercream. 



A rich chocolate sponge with dark chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream.



Deliciously light vanilla sponge with a layer of strawberry buttercream.   



A peanut buttery sponge with a hint of chocolate. Filled with chocolate buttercream. 


Special Requirements

I am happy to accommodate your dietary needs and offer a variety of gluten free cakes. Feel free to email me and make an enquiry about your unique cake. 



Bridie's Cakes  -  Bridie West  -  Email: 

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