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Classic Victoria 

A light sponge filled with raspberry jam and plenty vanilla buttercream.

Blueberry Bliss 

Blueberry sponge and blueberry jam wrapped in vanilla bean buttercream. 

Salted Caramel 

Caramel cake oozing slightly salted caramel, coated in vanilla buttercream.

Red Velvet 

You know the one, it's red chocolate cake perfection.  


Lemon drizzle sponge, zesty buttercream and a lemon curd filling. 

Rich Chocolate

A chocolate lover's must-have.

Raspberry Cloud 

A fluffy sponge dotted with raspberries, white chocolate ganache and coated in velvety buttercream. 

Peanut Buttery 

A peanut buttery sponge with nutty buttercream and chocolate. 

Special Requirements 

I can create gluten free cakes. A range of vegan cakes too. Do email me and enquire about your unique cake. 

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