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Don't Blow Away

...I said to Bradley this morning when he left for work. It’s a truly blustery, Winnie the Pooh type day. So maybe we should all just keep warm and eat some hunny?

This job is especially nice on days like these. The oven’s on, I’m toasty and warm and my apron is splattered with melted chocolate. It gets hot and I get flustered, but this job makes me happy.

And I guess that’s what today’s blog is all about. Letting yourself be truly happy. Not getting totally lost in the pressures life brings us.

Little fact about me … when I was at school, I put a silly amount of pressure on myself to do well. This didn’t come from home. Mum and Dad made home my little, pressure free haven. But as soon as I was alone, I’d feel the pressure to do well, creeping in.

At school, my time out was English. I’d get lost in stories, imagine every little detail in my head and dream of writing my own book. I remember writing essays and words just flowing through my fingers. And I was granted a scholarship to study English Literature at Uni. But something inside me didn't feel like Uni was right for me.

I hoped that I could do well and stay close to English, without Uni. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, mostly I just didn’t feel ready to make such a big decision and so I decided a little soul searching was long overdue. And thank Shakespeare I didn’t go to uni, because my love affair with cakes is as wonderful as my one with English. I’m a romance novel junkie and unashamed cake lover … my dreams are as big as the sacks of flour I drag through the kitchen and I’m so pleased they are.

I guess I’m trying to say that choosing a different path to the one so many people take, isn’t a bad thing. It’s all about finding the right path for you. And not letting yourself be blown away by self doubt. Just keep an eye on those dreams … I reckon they’re pretty special.

And special takes on all kinds of forms. Like the three tier, flower coated wedding cake I made last week. How special. I mean to create the cake flavoured part of your wedding memory … is truly special.

The photos below are of this spring time cake. And so many happy wishes to the special couple…

Bridie x

I used a whole lot of flower cutters and moulds to create these. Hydrangeas, petunias, so on so on and aren't they pretty?

I just love all of these shades of yellow too.

So many Thank Yous to the happy couple for sending me this photo, it's cake wonderful!

The bottom tier was lemon drizzle, the next, salted caramel, the top, victoria sponge and each one ... just lovely.


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