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Feel Good Feeds

As in those instagram feeds we spend a fair portion of our day scrolling through. And I’ve come to find how pointless and disheartening some of those feeds are.

I used to follow models and designer brands and people I didn’t know all that well.

Now I follow friends, (who could be models or whatever they’d like to be any day of the week) wanderlust accounts, because I adore a good sunset. And cakey, crafty, ‘this is what I do with my day’ type accounts. Because I’m a creativity junkie.

On some level, most of the accounts I follow, provide me with lovely, daily inspiration. And for me, that’s what instagram is all about. It’s a community built on dreams, square memories and a mutual tendency to be a little bit nosey.

Hopefully, especially if you’re reading my blog, it means you’ve discovered a little inspiration in Bridie’s Cakes. And I really hope my feeds, whether it’s instagram, facebook or an actual cake, continue to bring you a little contentment.

Feeling good is something we all have to work at sometimes. And I’ve found that instagram accounts which focus on body image in a ‘non uplifting’ way, really, absolutely aren't for me. My favourite ‘not filled with cake’ accounts to follow on instagram are:

A lady’s called @oldjoy who takes beautiful photos of her little life in Ohio.

@we.made.this.home because her often floral photos look like they’d smell as sweet as they look.

The healthy living @madeleine_shaw_ because she likes avocado as much as me.

@itslittlelauren because she shares my obsession with anything pretty.

And @channingtatum because … he’s very inspiring.

Don’t get me wrong, my feed’s not perfect … because people like Blake Lively make me feel good and bad all at once. But generally speaking my feed’s feelin’ good.

Now, let’s not talk about social media feeds anymore, let’s just talk about feeding you guys actual cake. And there’s a certain little round cake, with a swirl of creamy buttercream on top, who lightens up everybody’s day. Cupcake.

Cupcake is a little cup of heaven. She’s a bit of a softie really. And a total airhead. She’s slightly messy but in a charismatic sort of way. She carries herself so well, despite being a little crinkly around the edges. It’s kind of impossible to not feel good in her company.

The reason I love cupcakes so much, is because there’s one for everybody. And their decorations are endless. Just like their flavours. My favourite cupcake is vanilla and spongy, with a gooey caramel center. A generous swirl of vanilla buttercream on top and some strawberry sprinkles, dusted with a little pink sugar.

Here’s a few Top Tips for decorating cupcakes:

  1. Variety is the prettiest. When they’re all laid out in their box, they look best when each design is a little different.

  2. Use good quality sprinkles. I have a sprinkle radar. I just know when I’m somewhere that sell the good stuff. My go to sprinkle places are: Lakeland, Steamer Trading Cook Shop and PME.

  3. Practice piping. There are so many nozzles, which will give you different textures, patterns and heights. My favourites are the rose and star nozzles (in all different sizes!) Treat yourself, buy a few and see which one suits your cupcake best.

  4. Be spontaneous. Cupcakes are best in creative hands. They’re like little, round, blank canvases ready for a splash of sugar. Just go with it.

Hopefully you’re in the mood to either eat or bake a cupcake. And why wouldn’t you? They’re 100% feel good.

The photos below are just a few of the hundreds of cupcakes I’ve definitely made.

Bridie x

Happy Tuesday Cupcakes!


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