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'The Works' Just Works

‘The Works’ cake is delicious and enticing on so many levels. Those flirty drizzles of ganache, and that delicate border of pastel confetti … not forgetting the random flutters of gold leaf. All in all … it just works.

I’ve spoken about it before. That rich, chocolatey wonder that is ganache. ‘The Works’ cake is all about that ever chocolatey drizzle. It makes the cake come to sweet, sweet life.

I’ve made so many of ‘The Works’ and like to offer total attention to detail. They pop up everywhere. It seems lots of cake makers out there are creating their own layers of cake like these. But I like to ensure that mine aren’t too busy. That they’re appropriately coated in temptation.

Ganache is sensitive. She likes to be showered in bubbling hot cream, and left to cool down on her own. The longer she’s left, the thicker she becomes. And I don’t mean in cleverness. Some of my customers request ‘The Works’ I’ve made with thicker ganache drips, and some like the thinner looking ones. And I’m happy to oblige both of these requests.

The secret to ‘The Works’ is all the right colours and a mismatch of nostalgic biscuits. Party rings and Jammy dodgers remind me of being little … and that overwhelming feeling of excitement I got at the sight of my 8th birthday party buffet.

I like to prettify your choice of biscuits and chocolate. Because even in mini form, they just aren’t cute enough. I use sprinkles, pearlescent paint and coloured sugar to jazz it all up.

My top tips for creating your own version of ‘The Works’ are:

  1. A little less a little more. Naturally, this type of cake is busier than other designs. But crowded just isn’t a good look. After placing your first set of decs on the cake, walk away and come back after 10 minutes to assess whether it needs more dressing up.

  2. Use good quality chocolate. And you’ll be left with silky, smooth, shiny ganache.

  3. Help the ganache. Once you’ve poured a whole lot on top of your cake, ease your ganache off the edges with a palette knife.

  4. Finally, have fun with it! The best part of this type of cake is how quirky it can be. And they just look so delicious, so enjoy yourself as you create it!

I absolutely love making cakes like these. If a cake could have a personality, ‘The Works’ would be a bubbly, flirty gal filled with layers and layers of happy.

Oneday, if I can resist getting married abroad and actually make my own wedding cake (yes, that absolutely might not happen!) I will have tier upon tier of ‘The Works’. The buttercream will be mostly white with a little blush pink. The white chocolate ganache will be painted gold. And dotted all around I’ll have baby’s breath flower and my favourite pastel coloured biscuits.

I am totally aware I’ve just told you all about my dream wedding cake, but I just want you to see how versatile this design is. You can be you with it.

Below are some photos of ‘The Works’ in all their glory. Some with ganache and some a little more naked. And remember you can watch The Cake Maker to see me make one (you'll find the link to this on my homepage.

Have a very happy, colourful week…

Bridie x

Everybody's favourite!

And here's the bit I like best!

It's so easy to make little changes to the design for you.

There's a new party ring colour everybody! And it's white!

Look at that shine. Thank you Bournville.

Less ganache, more buttercream.

Gold leaf is a must people! But again, not too much ...

salted caramel drizzle right there!

Practice making the perfect pastel colours.

This was a little easter give-away cake I created.

"Fairies live here"

When you've been working on 'The Works' yourself, you just have to get a picture with it!

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