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The sun’s bursting through these windows, and my buttercream’s going all soft on me. There’s a zesty, fruity smell about the house, thanks to lemon drizzle and I’m just re reading the blurbs of these holiday reads I picked up today.

Holiday. Just saying the word makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I can’t wait to wander and wear a fabulous hat and feel the sun on my face and sand on my feet and just float in the sea far away from anything troubling. Oh holiday, please hurry up.

Everyday things aren’t everyday when you’re on holiday are they? Even showering. You get to shower in one of those outdoor, by the pool showers. And eating … just olives and bread are more fabulous when you’re away. Not forgetting reading. Paige Toon’s ‘Chasing Daisy’ is so much dreamier when you’re lying on a beach with it.

I absolutely could not get on a plane right now. Your cakes won’t make themselves! But I could manage a day in Dorset. I could pack up the car with essentials, like oreos for the journey and Brad and head straight to Studland Beach.

When it’s sunny and warm, Studland’s as good as being abroad. And I don’t have to be brave and get on a plane to get there. Handy. You might shake your head … how could it compare to somewhere you have to fly to? But honestly, it’s just lovely. It’s home away from home.

I’ve holidayed in Dorset, in a little place called Swanage, for as long as I can remember. A bit like baking, it’s always been there. Places like Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, Dancing Ledge. I think I love them even more because of their quaint, story like names.

And let’s not forget Chococo. A little shop in the heart of seasidey Swanage, Chococo is a little bit of heaven. I’m sure of it. There’ s a whole lot of chocolate coated genius in there.

If you’ve never been, I absolutely think you should. Why do I love it so much? I can be make up free, wear an actual fleece, be surrounded by happy memories and plod along with a bucket and fishing net. In fact, I’d say you’d look a little odd if you didn’t do this. It’s unspoilt. It’s happy. It smells all salty and seaside like. You Swanage are my kinda holiday.

There's a whole lotta cake sitting beside me right now. And I don’t feel this post has paid them enough attention at all. Surprisingly cake isn’t always what’s on my mind. The smell that’s oozing from that freshly baked lemon drizzle is now though. That’ll be on my mind for some time.

I haven’t really given any baking advice today have I? I know, bake a little lemon drizzle for yourself, put your feet up and have a look at holidays.

Bridie x

P.s. A mixture of photos to follow, some of cake, some of my happy places.


and the less pictured side of Durdle Door

and Chococo deliciousness

and Lulworth Cove

and Kimmeridge Bay

and lastly, my favourite stony place, Dancing Ledge.

Back to my kitchen ...

I will cry if Lakeland ever stop supplying these tulip cases. I mean look at the GBBO tent on the top ones? Cute beyond cute.

Going to the gym tonight YAY ... not. Can I just eat lemon drizzle instead?

Two new 'I'm not sure if they're good' holiday reads on the right. A forever favourite read on the left. One Perfect Summer is set in Dorset, so if you do pop along, read this whilst you're at Dancing Ledge!

Lusting after some serious wandering got me to this happy, au naturel selfie place. Happy holidaying!


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