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I’ll Just Have A Tasteen...

Tasteen. Pronounced like taste - een. Anybody else have an irish Gran that says this word? When Brad told me it wasn’t actually a word I had to check the dictionary … it just rolls of the tongue too nicely not to be real … “Not a big slice of cake, just a tasteen please.” It isn’t in the dictionary, but it’s a gaelic word which Gran says and I therefore love.

Gran's special. Cuppa tea Queen, wonderfully clever and always smiling. She just kind of embodies sweetness. The little lady, with pearly white hair and so much loveliness in all those books you read about as a little person … that’s Gran. 92 years young and one of Bridie’s Cakes littlest biggest fans. Every time she sees a cake, she’ll say “aren’t you so clever” in her warm, irish way. Today she came over for a roast dinner … naturally I’ve been laughing all day long.

I decided to bake pineapple upside down cake. Because it’s wonderfully quirky, just like Gran. And it's my most favourite home bake.

My god, it’s super easy to make as well. I use a Mary B recipe (of course). The beauty of this cake is that sticky, sugary goodness smothered all over the top of it. Along with that kinda fizzy, fruity pineapple-ness ... the flavour it creates is heavenly.

It’s self explanatory really. Upside down cake, so all the bits which will be on top go into the cake tin first and once it's out of the oven, you just flip it. And then it just oozes gooey pineapple goodness. If you haven't made it before, please please do. It’s some beautiful baking.

Sundays are lovely. And even though it’s got a little grey outside, I feel happy. Gran just has that effect on me.

It’s time for a slice of cake. Not too much though … just a tasteen. Have a happy week!

Bridie (Gran’s biggest fan)


Oh my ... please reappear in front of me.

Make sure you get pineapple rings! 4 (plus little chopped up bits to fill in any gaps) fit perfectly in a 7 inch tin.

You want a sticky, golden top. I used dark brown sugar to make sure of this!

She's pretty wonderful with words,

and I also managed to bake a victoria sponge, all ready for collection in the morning.

I just love her ... Happy Sunday!


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