Happy New Year you. Yes you, I’m wishing you the happiest new year imaginable.

I have to believe there are other Bridies out there. This Bridie is as anxious as she is excited about the new year. There’s an air of goal setting all around and I don’t fancy putting too mu...


I’m home alone on a Saturday night. Just had a Kevin McCallister moment at the top of the stairs when I realised how quiet it was. Now I’m watching My Best Friend’s Wedding on Netflix whilst eating sushi. Yeah baby. 

I haven’t been in a good place recently so here goes....


Hello you. It’s been a while. But you’re still there and I’m still here and there's something lovely about that. I’m laying on my bed tapping at these keys. The fan is blowing nearby and oh the breeze is welcome. Bastille is playing in the background, only quietly … I...


Tangible. I’ve always loved that word. I have this lovely memory of my mum saying something to me after a swimming gala. Yes, when I was younger, well young enough to be a junior school student, I adored swimming. And funnily enough, I wasn’t too bad at it. My school w...


It’s that indescribable feeling. You don’t feel it coming on, it just hits you like a great big, fluffy pillow. I find warmth and fuzziness in lots of things. In a melt in the middle pudding. In fresh, snuggly sheets. In a Sunday morning. And in that cosy smell of toas...


And aren’t we all on this ever so sticky Sunday? And it’s not a good sticky, like sticky toffee pudding sticky, it's that ‘we’ve had a week of heat and might just melt tomorrow’ sticky.

As cake makers, we must brave this sweltering heat with our aprons on and our fans h...


My skin’s all sandy, my hair’s a mess and I’ve traded bikini blues for a crochet bikini I fell in love with last week. The sea is so still, it murmurs ever so slightly and I can hear the splashes of a boat sailing by. My man’s sprawled out beside me, lost in a totally...


It’s meaning is subtle yet serious. It’s the ultimate “trust me” gesture. And even though I’m not ten years old anymore, my pinky promises will always be ones to count on.

And I think it’s sweet anyway. The world we live in today is more social media, less actual social...


Hey June, why won’t you stop crying? We’re all here just wishing your days get brighter. And what’s with the thunder? The constant tears are just about enough!

Anyway, Saturday I decided it was sunny enough to have a little picnic. I strolled into town, popped into Sai...


I’m just perched on the edge of my chair tapping away at these keys, thinking about all 4000 of you lovelies. To have this many followers over on insta is just nuts! Like really good ferrero rochers all lined up and wrapped in a bow, nuts. Basically, it’s lovely.


I’m a...

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