Something happened this week … involving a cookie … and I’d like to get it off my chest.


Me and Brad have been so busy and stressed and naturally not been all that cute. So Monday comes around and I’m like, I feel like doing something really sweet. But I just couldn’t...


I have two great loves, and they are both B’s. Bradley and Baking.


Baking is full of comfort. It’s the best smelling hobby, least horrible job and most homely way to share some grub. Of course, I mostly bake cake. And mine and cake’s relationship is a little hate and a...


Don't worry, it's not a cake and it's not jelly. It’s me! I’m feeling all kinds of burnt and wobbly after this morning’s trip to the gym. My legs are like jelly, my bum is like jelly and my abs are like really sore, painful jelly. I’m in this bizarre, burnt jelly place...


It’s dull outside, and windy and not very special. Monday blues are surely just around the corner. Only they’re not, because I’m sat here in only cosy clothes, drinking ovaltine and eating salmon and egg on toast. It’s my unofficial day off you see.


There’s a peanut bu...


I always thought I was a bit of a perfectionist. Until realising just how mind-numbingly perfect I wanted everything to be. Cakes must be so perfect I go a little crazy. Look as perfect as possible all the live long day. Go out of my way to avoid confrontation and othe...


The sun’s bursting through these windows, and my buttercream’s going all soft on me. There’s a zesty, fruity smell about the house, thanks to lemon drizzle and I’m just re reading the blurbs of these holiday reads I picked up today.


Holiday. Just saying the word makes...


Tasteen. Pronounced like taste - een. Anybody else have an irish Gran that says this word? When Brad told me it wasn’t actually a word I had to check the dictionary … it just rolls of the tongue too nicely not to be real … “Not a big slice of cake, just a tasteen pleas...



I do it all the time. I run out of chocolate, so I pop out on a chocolate run to pick up more. I’m chocolate runnin’.


There are people out there who will just never understand my relationship with chocolate. And that’s okay … just let me be. In boyfriend terms, chocol...

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